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Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine - a brief history

Abandoned 19th century factory will become Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine flooring - Southern Wood Floors Southern Wood Floors harvests buildings, not trees®

Not just a renewable resource, Southern Wood Floors Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine is a fully renewed resource. The company reclaims beams and timbers of historic wood from 19th and early 20th-century buildings, and meticulously mills it to precision contemporary specifications for floors, walls and cabinet stock. The result is a rich, noble wood that can be as much as 200 years old.

Much of the vintage material Southern Wood Floors reclaims is from structural elements of factories, mills and warehouses in New England and other northeastern states.

Beams of of a 19th century building will be reclaimed for Antique Heart Pine flooring  - Southern Wood Floors Typical interior

Typical interior of a disused, century-old building to be disassembled, from which Southern Wood Floors will harvest the beams. These buildings, which can be as much as two centuries old, yield timbers harvested more centuries ago from large, old-growth Southern Longleaf pines, which were at least fifty years old at the time. Today, Southern Wood Floors precision mills these reclaimed vintage woods from centuries-old buildings into flooring and cabinet stock with an unmistakable rich patina and depth of grain unique to Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine.

Beams of great proportion to be precision milled into Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine flooring - Southern Wood Floors
Beams of Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine

Beams of Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine from a structure in New England are shown returned to the mills of Southern Wood Floors in Georgia, where they were harvested centuries ago. From this shipment, hundreds of year old beams up to 20 feet in length will be re-milled into Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine, precision milled tongue-and-groove flooring up to 10" wide, in a range of grades, and for walls, ceilings, stairs and cabinets.

Milling vintage beams into Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine flooring - Southern Wood Floors Milling vintage beams into Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine

Vintage Southern Longleaf heart pine beams re-milled to exacting, precision contemporary standards into Reclaimed Heart Pine for flooring, walls, ceilings, stairs and cabinet stock. Flooring will be tongue and groove, graded and milled into a range of widths. Southern Wood Floors Reclaimed Heart Pine develops a rich patina, color and depth of character unique to vintage heartwood.

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